Visualize the HSSP curve and impose the BLAST-derived sequence alignments and allow the user to dynamically filter and export the data shown on the graph for better insights.

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Note that this version of the tool supports only Blast output version BLASTP 2.2.29+


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The current implementation works with Blast output version BLASTP 2.2.29+. The input loaded here by default come from a sample output which may contain bad data so, for better understanding use your own alignment result. For generating the alignment output, you can use BLAST.
The algorithm for calculating HSSP Curve and HSSP Values is referenced from this paper.

    Ability to filter based on hssp scores
    Ability to zoom by selecting a part of the graph
    Ability to download a screenshot of the graph or print it
    Ability to download all the elements that are below or above the hssp curve in .txt format (hint: check out the pie chart)
    Ability to show/hide different data from the legend of the graph
    Ability to define the distance from the hssp curve (0 being the original hssp curve)